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Twilight Jazz Trio - May 18th, 2021

This Tuesday at 6pm (5/18) @ Pino's in Highland Park, NJ

Live music outdoors with Ali C, Bob Ramos, and Dean Barilio

13 N 4th Ave (corner of 27 & 4th) Highland Park, NJ 08904

Twilight Jazz Tuesdays at Pino's   6pm to 8pm. 

Featurirng: Ali Chaudhary (guitar), Bob Ramos (drums/precussion), & Dean Barilio (bass). Playing outdoors on the corner of 4th and Raritan (27) in Highland Park-NJ (across the river from Rutgers-New Brunswick).     Pino's Lounge 13 N. 4th. Highland Park, NJ 09890

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